“A New Era for Oeno”: OenoFuture Market Report Q2 2021


“Globally share prices keep on surging on the back of positive vaccine news, but the markets remain extremely volatile. Many analysts predict perhaps not a full-on crash, but certainly a correction in the markets. Over in the US the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq seen turbulence in the last few weeks following news of President Biden’s proposed capital gains tax. In the U.K. things might look rosier with the FTSE 100 returning to its highest point since the start of a Covid-19 crash, but concerns over inflation and lockdown restrictions being delayed are making investors increasingly jittery.

Since traditional asset classes have been increasingly volatile and aligned in their performance, we’re seeing greater numbers of investors trying to balance their portfolios with alternative assets. The key fine wine indexes continue to show impressive stability with YTD gains already up 4-6%, and with all indexes recording growth through the past year.

Closer to home, it’s been a real honour to open our very first wine boutique and bar in London’s historic Royal Exchange. This is truly the beginning of a new era for Oeno, and I can’t wait to welcome you personally to enjoy a glass of Champagne on our alfresco terrace over the summer.”

Daniel Walker, OenoFuture Head of Investment

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