Covid-19 Boosts Wine Consumption & Offers Hope For Investors


“Have we hit rock bottom for stocks or is this just the beginning? US Treasuries have hit records, but where can valuations go in the face of massive stimulus from the government and QE from the Fed? Should you be buying or selling gold?”

Amid all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the subsequent economic turmoil, investors can still find ways to protect their assets and safeguard their future. As has been observed during previous recessions, the fine wine market has remained extremely stable over the past three months due to low correlation to global equities, offering a secure haven for investors who have been hit hard by abrupt stock market tumbles.

As well as the inherent stability of fine wine prices, the market is being driven by increasing consumption in virus-hit areas as wealthy individuals are forced to dine and drink at home rather than venture out. This is great news to collectors and investors since drinkers can enjoy higher-priced bottles at home without steep restaurant mark-ups. As global lockdowns gather pace, this boost to consumption will drive up prices as rare bottles become even more scarce.

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