Daniel Carnio IWC Judge 2018


OenoFuture is delighted to announce that Daniel Carnio has been selected to serve as a judge for the prestigious International Wine Challenge this year. Daniel was born into the world of wine, growing up on his family’s vineyard in Italy, and later chose to pursue this early passion by building a highly successful career in fine wine in London. He recently founded our company, OenoFuture, which offers expert guidance to those seeking to invest in fine wines and a full range of consultancy services.

Daniel is expected to become Italy’s very first Master of Wine, an accolade held by just 370 wine experts across the globe. We are very proud that he has also been chosen as a judge by the the world’s most distinguished wine competition, the International Wine Challenge. Each year the team of selected eminent wine experts are tasked with rigorously blind tasting thousands of wines. After all of this hard work, the results are collated and medals awarded to the finest wines in each category.

The challenge culminates in what is known as the “Oscars of the Wine Trade”, the IWC Awards Dinner, where the world’s leading winemakers and greatest wines are celebrated with an awards ceremony. This illustrious annual competition offers both wine connoisseurs and consumers the opportunity to discover some of the finest wines on the planet, confident in the knowledge that they have been carefully selected and tasted by wine experts like Daniel.

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