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Oeno Anti-Fraud Unit

 OenoFuture is the very first wine investment company to have a dedicated in-house Anti-Fraud Unit. Our fine wine team stringently inspect and certify every wine we purchase on the secondary market to ensure the best protection for our clients’ portfolios.

“After a year of intensive research and development, Oeno has achieved an industry-first with the launch of our Anti-Fraud Unit. Our stringent certification process incorporates techniques employed by leading wine fraud experts over the globe. We have made it our mission to give our clients complete peace of mind with every investment they make with us, as well as committing to fighting wine fraud to make the wine industry a safer place for everyone.”

Mattia Tabacco, Head of Oeno’s Anti-Fraud Unit

Impeccable Provenance

Authenticity and impeccable provenance are critical factors which help determine the market value of a particular bottle. The vast majority of our wines are acquired direct from the winery, meaning that exceptional provenance is guaranteed. In the tiny minority of cases where we purchase from auction houses or private collectors, our industry-leading Anti-Fraud Unit led by Mattia Tabacco will conduct a thorough assessment to verify the authenticity of each bottle.

How it works


1. Purchase

Our fine wine team source top-quality investment grade wines direct from wineries all over the globe, as well as selected bottles from trusted collectors. At every stage of the process strict anti-fraud procedures are applied to ensure impeccable provenance and authenticity.


2. Inspection

Measures used by the anti-fraud team in their assessment process include checking the glass, capsule, cork and labels against our comprehensive database using tools like electron microscopes and professional-grade UV lights.


3. Certification

Bottles which meet our stringent criteria are approved by the wine team and issued with OenoFuture certification. Each approved bottle is given a unique numbered label which cannot be removed as a guarantee of their provenance and authenticity.

Our investment in these stringent measures demonstrates Oeno’s commitment to offering an outstanding service to each and every one of our clients.

If you would like to arrange for our Anti-Fraud Unit to inspect your wine cellar or a particular bottle, please contact us for more information.

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