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“We are delighted to announce that OenoFuture has just been selected as the Fine Wine Investment Firm of the Year for 2019 at the The European Global Business & Finance Awards.

The European is a prestigious quarterly online and hard copy publication with an avid audience of decision makers across the globe. The publication provides objective insights into the key issues and initiatives of the day as well as offering sage advice and analysis to enable readers to understand the fast-moving changes of the modern business landscape.

The annual European Global Business & Finance Awards recognise both organisations and individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance and leadership in their chosen fields. OenoFuture has been chosen as the Fine Wine Investment Firm of the Year after undergoing a rigorous nomination and selection process which takes into account performance, innovative approaches to business, product offerings and the company’s values and working environment.

We are very proud to have been selected by The European thanks to the hard work of the whole team at OenoFuture and our commitment to providing the finest fine wine investment service for our clients.”

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