Fine Wine Market Report 2019


After yet another rollercoaster year on the global markets, the lure of alternative assets like fine wine has never been stronger for investors looking to diversify their portfolio. As the US-China trade war has escalated and Brexit uncertainties linger, fine wine has remained an outstanding option with annual growth of up to 75% for the year’s top performing wines. 

2019 has seen particularly strong growth from regions like Italy and Burgundy which have both continued to gain market share. Three of OenoFuture’s five top performers this year come from Burgundy while second place goes to Fattorie dei Dolfi Imeneus 2011 from Tuscany with an impressive 25.2% annual growth. This reflects a long-running trend of market diversification as Bordeaux continues to lose prominence to the benefit of fast-growing regions like California, Tuscany and Champagne.

Over the course of 2019 fine wine market has continued to both deepen and broaden as more investors seek stability and healthy profits against a backdrop of widespread economic uncertainty. The value of live bids and offers on Liv-Ex, the world’s most important fine wine trading platform, hit a record high of over £70 million at the end of July, up from the 2018 high of £50 million.

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