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Our award-winning, fully-managed investment account is an ideal investment solution for both experienced collectors and those just beginning their journey into fine wine collecting. Our private account has a number of benefits:

- Completely managed service
- No management fees
- Dedicated account manager
- Fully insured with FCA regulated third party 
- Estimated 10% return 
- Asset backed
- All wines are purchased directly from the producer
- Wines are priced at market value or below

How it Works


Once you have decided on the amount of capital you wish to invest, a selection of the world's finest investment-grade wines are procured on your behalf. These are sourced straight from the chateaux with a guarantee of perfect provenance.


The wine is stored in a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that your wine is kept in optimal conditions. Throughout the investment term your dedicated account manager will advise you and inform you when profit opportunities present themselves.


Each portfolio is tailor-made to fit your unique requirements and investment incentives. To have the most profitable experience within the market we advise clients to have a 3-5 year strategy in place, although our clients frequently experience growth in a significantly shorter period of time.

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Investment Calculator

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Year Opening balance Interest @ 12.4% Closing balance

*Annual Growth is worked out using the most comprehensive market data available from Liv-Ex. Past performance is not a definite indicator of future returns.

The Graph above shows the performance on the key regions of the wine market compared to the FTSE 100 over the past 5 years.

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