Introducing South Australia’s Historic Hickinbotham Vineyard


Set in the stunning rolling forested hills of Claredon in the McLaren Vale, the Hickinbotham vineyard once supplied grapes to top Australian wineries including Penfolds. Vines have been grown here since the mid-19th century thanks to Sir Edward John Peake who was one of the first exporters of Australian wine to Calcutta, Java, New Zealand, and England.

Conditions here are ideal for premium winemaking with a sunny Mediterranean climate moderated by cooling evening breezes from the nearby Gulf of St. Vincent and from the Mount Lofty ranges. The 50-year old Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot vines are dry-farmed and planted on terraces over the well-draining ancient beach sand soils. Together these factors provide wonderfully ripe fruit, gorgeously resolved tannins and fresh acidity.

The Jackson Family purchased the property in 2012 and have invested significantly in the best winemaking equipment and oak. “Under the guidance of Chris Carpenter, the man who crafts some of the most sensational mountain wines in Napa (Lokoya, Cardinale, La Jota),” explains Oeno’s Chief Wine Analyst, Justin Knock, “wine quality has taken a spectacular leap forward while still offering incredible value. We expect these wines to become significantly more appreciated by wine critics and collectors in the coming years.”

Hickinbotham’s flagship bottling is The Peake which takes its name from Sir Edward John Peake who developed the original Clarendon vineyard. Produced from the finest fruit from the legendary Clarendon Vineyard, this magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz blend has a cult following amongst fine wine collectors and enthusiasts.

The vines used for The Peake date back to 1971 and are planted at 220-230 metres above sea level. This helps to ensure plenty of ripe fruit character balanced by acidity and a well-defined structure which will help the wine to age gracefully over the next couple of decades. As only around 120 cases are produced each vintage, the very limited availability and exceptional quality make this a wine to watch for investors.

Oeno also has limited availability of three other top Hickinbotham cuvees: The Revivalist Merlot 2017, Trueman Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, and Brooks Road Shiraz 2017.

For further information and to reserve your allocation, please contact your account manager or the Oeno team at

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