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Investing with OenoFuture is an extremely simple and easy-to-understand process for both experienced collectors and those just beginning their fine wine journey. Our market research and insider knowledge means you can sit back and relax, confident that our talented team will help you build a covetable and highly profitable portfolio.

1. Expert Knowledge & Endorsement

Founded by Italian wine expert Daniel Carnio, OenoFuture was born out of a vision to make the fine wine market accessible to all investors regardless of their exposure to the industry. Our fine wine experts have years of experience in the industry and a keen eye for spotting high investment potential. We select the highest-scoring wines on the market from producers that have strong track record and represent a solid investment opportunity for our clients.

As well as wines from traditional regions in France, OenoFuture specialises in exceptional fine wines from Italy, Spain and the Americas which have demonstrated huge potential for growth. In recent years Bordeaux has lost a substantial share of the market which has been taken up by other regions like Burgundy and Champagne as well as Italian and New World regions. We help our clients to create diversified portfolios that will stand the test of time and keep up with shifts in the fine wine market as investors increasingly look beyond Bordeaux to alternative regions.

The soundness of our approach is demonstrated by endorsement from national investment publications. OenoFuture was recently awarded Fine Wine Investment Firm of the Year for 2019 at The European Global Business & Finance Awards. OenoFuture is also the only fine wine investment company in the world with membership of the prestigious Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

2. Personalised Recommendations

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our exceptional customer service so each prospective client receives personalised recommendations of which wines they might like to purchase. Our close relationships with many of the world’s top estates and producers means that we are able to secure top wines at below market value, maximising our clients’ potential profits, and we have access to many of the world’s finest and rarest wines.

Once you have purchased your wines they will be stored in London City Bond (LCB) warehouses in bond until you decide to sell or have the wines shipped to you. Thanks to our strong industry connections, our clients also receive exclusive access to en primeur and special edition bottlings from the world’s greatest wineries.

3. Dedicated Account Managers

At OenoFuture we pride ourselves on our open door policy. Throughout your journey with OenoFuture your dedicated account manager will guide you through each stage of the process and keep you updated on the performance of your portfolio. We are so committed to offering an outstanding experience to our clients that each of our account managers receive renumeration based on their customer service performance to incentivise an exceptional level of engagement with their clients that is far above the industry norm.

Our advisors are always on hand to answer your queries via email, over the phone, or in person at one of our offices based across Europe. We can also help you to grow your fine wine knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of your portfolio through our regular tasting events and fascinating winery tours.

4. Exiting the Market

If your wine receives a strong offer or reaches a high market price we will assist you with the sale if you wish to sell your wines at that time. Our account managers are on hand to facilitate the sale and advise on the best moment to sell. Once the sale is complete OenoFuture will then deduct a small percentage from the profits of the sale in accordance with our contract with you. Our modest management fee is based on the performance of your wines, so we are continually striving to get the best results for each of our clients.

5. Reinvest or Enjoy Your Profits

After you have received your profits you are free to either reinvest in your portfolio through OenoFuture or simply enjoy spending them as you please.


Global Wine & Whisky Investment Consultancy of the Year 2023

LuxLife Magazine


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