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Master of Wine Alistair Cooper has just released a report on the OenoTrade Portfolio Tasting for the prestigious JancisRobinson.com wine website, describing the event as “the most lavish portfolio tasting that I can recall attending”.

Cooper tasted his way through OenoTrade’s vast portfolio on the day, awarding exceptional ratings to many wines from top produces like Inglenook, Penfolds, Bibi Graetz, and Domaine Alain Burguet, and commenting on the exceptional quality of the wineries on show. “It’s not often that Penfolds Grange, Lokoya, Cardinale, Verité La Muse, Bibi Graetz, Bodega Contador (Benjamín Romeo) and Dominio de Es are available to taste.”

Cooper was also able to attend some of the industry-leading masterclasses held during the day, including “The World’s Greatest Wines” which featured Screaming Eagle 2016, Latour 1982, and Soldera 2011. Each wine was picked by a member of the fine wine team, with Justin Knock MW selecting Screaming Eagle, Olivier Gasselin opting for Latour 1982 and Daniel Carnio choosing Soldera 2011. According to Cooper’s scores, his top wine was the Screaming Eagle 2016 on 18.5+ points out of 20. Soldera 2011 came in close second on 18.5 points with the Latour 1982 racking up 17 points.

Cooper concluded his article with in depth tasting notes on many of these wines in our portfolio and a very positive analysis of OenoTrade’s future trajectory: “OenoTrade have hit the scene with quite a bang, and I look forward to seeing how they progress in the coming years. There is certainly no shortage of energy, confidence and buzz around this dynamic team.”

The full article can be accessed at jancisrobinson.com (paywall).

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