Loïc Pasquet of Liber Pater Launches New Wine


Cult Bordeaux winemaker Loïc Pasquet has just launched a new wine, Denarius, to complement his record-breaking Liber Pater wine which ranks as one of the world’s most expensive bottles. Loïc’s wines are exclusively represented in the U.K by Oeno and can be found in many of our investors’ portfolios thanks to their excellent performance on the secondary market.

His Liber Pater 2015 grabbed headlines around the world when it was released last year with a £26,000 price tag. Factors behind this meteoric rise include the minuscule number of bottles made that year and surging interest in his unique wines.

This might sound like a hefty sum, but his wines have already proved their worth as investments; his Liber Pater 2007 was selected as our wine of the year for 2019, achieving growth of 36.28% across that year.

All eyes are now on Loïc’s new project, Denarius, which was born out of a desire to create something “more affordable”. The talented winemaker has made it his mission to recreate the taste of wine from a time before Bordeaux’s vineyards were ravaged by the devastating phylloxera pest in the late 19th century.

To do this he has rediscovered traditional varieties that have fallen out of favour with modern winemakers and also insists on planting ungrafted vines without the protection offered by American rootstocks. Since these unorthodox methods are not widely accepted by Bordeaux’s winemaking elites, Denarius and Liber Pater are labelled as “Vin de France” rather than under the Bordeaux appellation.

Liber Pater is extremely expensive and rare,” comments Loïc Pasquet. Denarius will put wines from own-rooted vines back on the tables of French restaurants. This is a very special price to be able taste pre-phylloxera wine.”

For more information about Denarius or Liber Pater, please contact your account manager or email us at info@oenofuture.com.

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