Oeno acquires Iconic Harlan Estate Collection


Harlan Estate is considered one of the most iconic wines from California. From its very beginnings Harlan has sought to be a Bordeaux-style “First Growth” estate in the heart of Napa Valley. Oeno are thrilled to announce the release of extremely rare pristine Harlan Estate vintages ranging from 1998 to 2014, including several magnums from 2000 and other top vintages. 

The property occupies a stunning setting on the rolling hills of western Oakville where the vineyards rise up to 1225 feet above sea level. It is this prime location on the mountain side that creates the perfect conditions for these wines to compete with the best reds in the world. The wines produced by Harlan Estate are considered one of the top 3 of Californian wines, and often compared to Screaming Eagle. 

Top recent vintages include the Harlan Estate 2015 which has shown growth of 98.8% over the past two years and received a 100-point score from Robert Parker. The legendary American wine critic Parker has awarded a total of eight perfect 100-point scores to Harlan since it began commercial releases. 

The long-time gap between vintage and release shows the years of hard work that go into each bottle. These are powerful, long-lived wines which can easily age for several decades before hitting their prime. 

Olivier Gasselin of Oeno says “Here in the UK we traditionally drink red wines that have aged from 10 – 15 years. I had the chance to taste the Harlan Estate 2005 a year ago and can confidently say this was by far the best vintage of the day”. 

Extremely limited availability, outstanding quality, and remarkable consistency from vintage to vintage have made Harlan a sensation on the fine wine market. Such is the popularity of the wine it is rarely seen outside of the U.S. Oeno are delighted to be on the Harlan Estate mailing list and be able to guarantee of authenticity to our clients. 

To enquire about the availability of these rare Harlan Estate wines, please contact us as info@oenofuture.com.

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