Oeno Launches Monthly Wine Investment Report


During these turbulent economic times it is vital to ensure you have the right information on hand to protect your assets and make your investments work for you. To equip our clients and investors with the market-leading data and analysis they need, Oeno is launching a in-depth monthly fine wine market report featuring industry-leading insights from our expert wine team and market analysts.

Fine wine and other collectibles come into their own as an asset class in times of financial duress. Gold is often seen as a comparable safety hedge, perhaps a better one historically, but the price of gold is easily manipulated through paper trading and central bank interventions. Setting aside the en-primeur system in Bordeaux (currently suspended), there is really no derivative or paper market for fine wine.

When you buy or sell from Oeno the transaction is 100% backed by the physical stock, so prices cannot be manipulated. While this does reduce the liquidity of the fine wine market, it beneficially stabilises price volatility – a key attraction at the moment.” Justin Knock MW, Oeno Chief Wine Analyst

Click the button below and read our full monthly report to learn how the markets are responding to these unprecedented times and which wines our experts recommend you buy now.

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