Oeno Named One of U.K.’s Fastest-Growing Wine Companies


Oeno has just been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK Wine & Spirits sector. The research was carried out by Plimsoll, a prestigious business intelligence and financial analysis firm which compiles annual in-depth reports into a variety of sectors.

Plimsoll’s expert analysts thoroughly examine the financial health and performance of each company in a particular sector. The results provide a comprehensive guide for investors or business partners looking for high potential rising stars in their chosen industry.

Oeno took fourth place out of a total of 1034 companies working in the sector, demonstrating the incredible success the company has enjoyed over the past couple of years. The result also reflects the high level of trust our investment and trade clients place in us as one of the U.K.’s top wine companies.

Plimsoll’s analysis also rated Oeno’s business performance and finances as STRONG which the highest level on their five-point scale. Against a background of global economic uncertainty and widespread investment scams, this rating system sends a clear signal to potential investors of which companies offer a truly sound and reliable investment opportunity.

In the words of Christopher Evans, Senior Analyst at Plimsoll, Oeno “has been named as one of the most profitable in a new analysis of the largest companies in the UK Wines & Spirits Wholesalers industry. This is one of our highest accolades and reflects your excellent recent performance.”

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