Oeno Sells Extraordinary 18 Litre Liber Pater 2011


Oeno has been the exclusive UK partner for the legendary Bordeaux producer Liber Pater for several years. Founded by Loïc Pasquet in 2006 in the Graves appellation of Bordeaux, Liber Pater quickly achieved cult status as one of the rarest and most sought-after wines available on the market. Pasquet uses rare and historical grapes and farming methods, making unusual wines that taste like history. In 2019, Liber Pater released 240 bottles of its 2015 vintage at a price of 30,000€, making it the world’s most expensive Bordeaux.

When Liber Pater winemaker Loïc Pasquet bottled his 2011 vintage, in 2015, he set aside enough for three special extra-large bottles. His idea was to keep two of them as gifts for his daughters, when they came of age, and to sell one bottle to one lucky collector. He sold that one soon after. 

Oeno was fortunate enough to acquire one of these ultra-limited-edition 18-liter bottles which has now been sold to one of our clients. This once-in-a-lifetime sale means that two of Pasquet’s three bottles have now been sold to private collectors. The third bottle is expected to be offered at auction in 2022. 

As for the wine inside the bottle, Liber Pater represents was Bordeaux wine tasted like in 1855, when the region was originally demarcated and pre-phylloxera. Pasquet has revived forgotten ancient grape varieties, plants his vineyards with an unusually high density, and farms them with a mule. The result is history in a class, a wine that tastes unlike anything else. 

To enquire about the availability of Liber Pater wines in the UK, please contact us as info@oenofuture.com.

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