The Quiet Revolution


Oeno are pleased to announce their new partnership with Champagne House, Frerejean Frères. The three brothers, Rodolphe, Richard and Guillaume are cousins of the Tattinger family and grew up immersed in the Champagne world gaining a true love and respect for the industry and the culture. So in 2005 the brothers launched Frerejean Frères, with an aim to create a modern world of Champagne and disrupt the industry as we know it. 

The Maison Frerejean Frères is situated in Avize, one of the villages of the Grand Cru, in the heart of Côte des Blancs. In tribute to the richness of the terroir champenois, Frerejean Frères works only with the grape varietals coming from the vines of Premier & Grand Crus (respectively 9% and 1% of the best vines in the Champagne region). 

The House is located in the heart of the Grand Cru village of Avize. Inside the estate the brothers have created a space that shows the luxury modern brand and host tours and tastings to immerse consumers into their world of champagne as well as expanding their capacity and cellar to 300k bottles. 

In a Champagne world that is dominated by LVMH who owns three of the top producers, Frerejean Frères is a unique house and wants to keep production small. “We are artisan champagne makers,” Rodolphe mentions in an interview in a recent trip to Singapore. “We are in a quest for quality and for a champagne with character.”

As-well as winning multiple Decanter taste awards for their wines the Champagne house supports the Michelin Guide Ceremony of the Stars event as the official Champagne sponsor. 

Oeno have acquired four of the seven cuvee’s and Frerejean Frères will be available online and poured at Oeno House by June. For more information on how to invest in Frerejean Frères now please email

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