The World’s most expensive wine: Liber Pater 2015


A case of of Loic Pasquet’s Liber Pater can set you back more than a new Lamborghini with a price tag of up to £26,000 a bottle, but that doesn’t stop collectors across the world from fighting to get their hands on the tiny quantities released each vintage.

Pasquet is something of a maverick in Bordeaux where Liber Pater is based thanks to his innovative, no-holds-barred approach to making wine and habit of accusing his fellow winemakers of having “sold their souls”. His unconventional winemaking practices include using a mule called Carbonero instead of a tractor, ageing his wines in Roman-style amphorae, and planting unpopular and largely forgotten indigenous varieties like castets, mancin, and lauzet.

Pasquet has a special hatred for Merlot which is the dominant grape variety used on Bordeaux’s gravelly Left Bank. “If you want to get a good write-up from a critic, you have to make wines that are fat and sweet. That’s why they’ve planted Merlot on gravel, to make fat and sweet wines.” Instead Pasquet is trying to turn back the clock to create the style of Bordeaux that would have existed when the 1855 Classification which ranked the region’s top estates from first to fifth crus or growths.

Pasquet’s latest masterpiece, the 2015 vintage, is an outstanding red Bordeaux which comes with a suitably impressive price tag thanks to Pasquet’s extreme attention to detail and insistence on labour-intensive manual production methods.

The 2015 vintage is also extremely rare with Pasquet producing just 500 bottles of this vintage of which he plans to sell just 240. This scarcity factor is a boon for investors who are able to secure bottles early on since prices of this highly-collectable wine are certain to rise as the existing pool of bottles diminishes.

OenoFuture is delighted to announce that we are the exclusive UK supplier of Liber Pater. We currently has very limited stock available of the brand-new 2015 vintage which is expected to prove extremely popular amongst collectors and investors. Interested parties are strongly recommended to contact us secure their desired bottles as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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