WSTA welcomes OenoFuture


We have very exciting news for OenoFuture this week as we have just been accepted into the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). The WSTA is a diverse organisation that represents over 300 companies that produce, sell, import and export wines in the UK. Members cover all sectors of the industry ranging from retail, wholesale, fine wine specialists, and bottling and logistics firms.

WSTA seeks to support its members by striving to create an environment in which the UK wine industry can thrive. One way in which the organisation does this is by compiling detailed research and data on emerging trends and changes in the sector. The WSTA also provides guidance and advice on aspects like licensing, logistics, and labelling requirements to help companies successfully navigate and comply with the legal requirements in these areas.

The other great strengths of the WSTA are the networking opportunities offered by the organisation and the work they do to advocate for the UK wine industry in government, parliament and the media. The WSTA has strong connections to politicians and officials which allows the organisation to educate about the UK wine industry and help to influence policy. Membership of the WSTA will help OenoFuture to work even harder and smarter for our fine wine investment clients thanks to the networking opportunities and high quality industry reports provided by the organisation.

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