A Once-In-A-Decade Investment Opportunity?: Oeno Market Report May 2020


As lockdown slowly starts to ease and the markets react to new working and trading conditions, it is vital for investors to stay ahead of the curve. Click below to read our latest market report from our seasoned financial analyst, Mike Heffernan, and Master of Wine Justin Knock who advises that the current conditions could offer a once-in-a-decade opportunity for bullish investors.

“Deflation first impacts consumer goods pricing as firms slash prices to generate sales revenue and reduce stock. This can be great for cash holders as high value items as well as staples come on sale. For fine wine this can be a once-a-decade opportunity to acquire wines that are either enjoying short-term price drops, or are difficult to acquire. We have seen this first-hand with wine importers offering wines that are not normally available to collectors, or some collectors taking the opportunity to liquidate wine assets that they have made profits on over the past decade. This can mean acquisition below normal market valuations, and great positioning for what lies ahead down the road.”

“Following a quiet period of uncertainty we find the fine wine market is poised to return to serious action. Whether you are worried about deflation or inflation, now is an opportune moment to increase your exposure to fine wine. Aside from the natural hedging potential we see terrific, once-in-a-decade opportunities in supply and exciting long-term growth alongside the well-known tax advantages of fine wine investment. Now is the time to rebuild portfolios for the decade ahead.” Justin Knock

Click the button below and read our full monthly report to learn how the markets are responding as lockdown slowly eases in the U.K. and Europe.

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