Fine Wine Shines During Summer of Discontent: Oeno Market Report July 2020


“How enjoyable will the summer be?” writes Oeno’s Head Financial Analyst, Mike Heffernan. “With the total number of COVID-19 infections passing 14 million and over 600,000 deaths to date, the spectre of furloughed workers being laid off, Chinese relations with the West deteriorating rapidly and corporate earnings declining, it does not look like a very relaxing one.”

“Throw into that mix the potential for lockdown re-imposition measures on mainland Europe, and 2020 looks more and more like a lost year for investors.”

So, what’s an investor to do? Fortunately, there are pockets of relative stability if you know where to look for them, with the fine wine market continuing to perform well over the first two quarters of 2020. Click the button below to read our full expert analysis in our Oeno Market Report July 2020.

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