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Against a backdrop of market turbulence and uncertainty, the fine wine market has performed exceptionally in recent years. Since 2005 fine wine has seen growth of 198%, making it a very attractive safe haven for investors keen to diversify their portfolio. OenoFuture’s expert consultants can help you to discover the benefits of investing in this exciting market. We are true pioneers in fine wine investment, trailblazing a path through under-the-radar fine wine regions and revolutionising the way collectors interact with this unique market. OenoFuture provides a personalised advisory service for both newcomers and experienced fine wine collectors. Clients can choose to rely on our expertise to guide them all the way or, alternatively, take a more active role in their fine wine journey with our exceptional tasting events and winery tours.

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Investment Options

Private Investor

Our managed accounts are multi-award winning and in 2020 these accounts yielded our clients an impressive average return of 12.4% PA. Once you have decided to proceed one of OenoFuture’s wine specialists will conduct a personal consultation with you and create an investment strategy and portfolio which matches your particular needs and interests.

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The ITA Account

Our ITA investment account allows individuals to invest in wine and receive profits when it is sold onto our trade customers. Your wine portfolio is carefully selected by our wine experts to align with the OenoTrade stock list. These wines are then offered to Oeno’s extensive network of trade partners which includes Michelin-starred restaurants, and top bars and hotels.

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Whisky – A Whole New World Of Investment

Whisky investment has garnered buzz for the high returns, exemption from capital gains and, of course, the chance to indulge in rare, sumptuous spirits. Buyers looking to diversify their portfolio by acquiring whisky can do so in either cask or bottle format. Each offers unique advantages to buyers including significant profit margins as they age. Oeno has devised the world’s first whisky investment business model where clients can expect superior guidance, an exit strategy and unique opportunities that can’t be found on the market.

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Australian Investment Fund

Our industry leading Wine & Whisky Investment Fund is lead by a multi-award winning team with 20+ years of experience in finance, funds management, wine & whisky investments. The Investment Fund is under a Delaware Limited Partnership offering Capital Preservation, Non-correlated returns, Low volatility and risk-adjusted returns, Inflation beating yields, and Alpha-generating arbitrage.

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Oeno Anti-Fraud Unit

OenoFuture is the very first wine investment company to have a dedicated in-house Anti-Fraud Unit. Our fine wine team stringently inspect and certify every wine we purchase on the secondary market to ensure the best protection for our clients’ portfolios.

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Keeping track of your investments

View your investment portfolio performance at the touch of button with our brand-new investment app. Coming soon to Android and IOS.

What Our Clients Say

At Oeno we believe that a flourishing company must have integrity at its very core. For us this means total honesty, trust and transparency. Our ethos is to make profits with our clients, not from our clients which is why we’re happy to show you a few of our recent results on behalf of our happy investors.


Global Wine & Whisky Investment Consultancy of the Year 2023

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