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The ITA Account

Our ITA investment account allows individuals to invest in wine and receive the profits as soon as it is sold on to our trade customers. The potential profit is much more conservative compared to our managed accounts. On average you could see anywhere from 5-7% per annum as these wines tend to show slower growth. One key advantage over managed accounts is the potential for much shorter-term returns. The benefits of our ITA account include:

- Potential for shorter-term return
- No storage or performance fees
- Fully-insured at all times
- Wines go straight onto our stock list for resale
- All wines are sold at least 5% below market value
- The ability to trade wine on one of the industry's fastest trading wine platforms

How it Works


With help and advice from your account manager, you as the client will transfer an agreed amount of funds to be exchanged for wine stock to be purchased and allocated onto OenoTrade’s stock list. This is then shared with all major trade buyers for purchase.


Your wine is stored in OenoTrade’s bonded account in LCB, meaning there are no storage costs or delivery costs involved. The term in which you hold the stock is variable. It is possible that you can hold certain wines which are sold the very next day, while other wines could be held for 5 years.


Your portfolio will be managed by your dedicated account manager. When your wines are purchased by a trade customer you will have the option to receive the profits or automatically reinvest the capital. We recommend holding this account for between 3-5 years.

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