How Fine Wine Is Weathering The Financial Storm


The first quarter of 2020 has been brutal with stock market turmoil and extreme volatility all over the globe. At times like these investors need to take a long hard look at their portfolios and consider how they can best mitigate the damages so far and prepare for the storm ahead.

Oeno’s top financial analyst Mike Heffernan and our Chief Wine Analyst Justin Knock MW have compiled a special Fine Wine Market Report detailing exactly how the fine wine market is reacting to the current financial climate.

“Having all your eggs in one basket in times like these is a recipe for disaster. To weather the current financial storm the best strategy is a mix of assets in one’s investment portfolio, including alternative assets like fine wine which typically perform well during economic turbulence,” commented Mike Heffernan.

“Alternative assets offer a much more stable environment for investors. Gold is the classic safe haven investment, but it typically has large swings intra-day and overnight, and again requires a lot of monitoring. As classic cars & art are beyond the means of all but the wealthiest of investors, fine wine offers a much more stable long term profit and generates a lot less stress in the process.”

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