Monumental New Release From The Coppolas: Inglenook Rubicon 2013


Founded by a Finnish sea captain in the 1870s and today owned by the Coppola family, the Inglenook story is steeped in romance and celebrity stardust. The Coppolas purchased the estate in the 1970s with profits from The Godfather films and have spent the last few decades restoring this iconic estate to its former glory.

“Over 25 years Francis Ford Coppola has pieced together the parcels of the original 19th century landmark, invested in the vineyards and re-established the reputation of the land,” explains Oeno’s Chief Wine Analyst and Master of Wine, Justin Knock. “In 2011 he finally acquired the Inglenook brand name for an enormous sum, joining the legacy of Napa’s most historic name to the land that made it famous. Hiring Philippe Bascaules from Chateau Margaux to oversee the winemaking was a master stroke that set them on a new 50-year journey.”

“The 2013 Rubicon is a monumental wine with fabulous structure and freshness, and a cascade of mind-blowing blue and black fruits. The 2013 vintage is arguably the greatest in the region this century and shows off Inglenook in all its glorious potential. This will become of Napa’s longest-lived wines and in the decades to come its greatness will be widely and warmly recognised.”

Oeno currently has very limited quantities of Inglenook 2013 including a small number of magnums. For further information, please contact your account manager or the Oeno team at

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