Liber Pater 2010 Ranked Liv-Ex Top Performer


A relative newcomer to the fine wine scene, Liber Pater is the brainchild of maverick winemaker Loic Pasquet who is seeking to recapture the original pre-phylloxera taste of Bordeaux using forgotten local grape varieties and traditional winemaking methods. Pasquet’s wines have quickly attracted a cult global following and are now proving their worth on the investment circuit.

According to figures released by Liv-Ex the Liber Pater 2010 ranked third for share of trade by value for the week April 17th-23rd. This puts Pasquet’s 2010 alongside legendary names like Latour whose 2010 vintage took the top spot and Margaux whose 1996 came in at number four.

The buzz around the Liber Pater 2010 just goes to show the continued strong performance of the fine wine market despite the economic turmoil associated with Covid-19. Since November 2019 this particular vintage has rocketed 30.8% in value, an increase of £9,240 over the last six months.

This impressive performance is indicative of the future potential of Pasquet’s exceptional Liber Pater wines. Despite only beginning production in 2006, this upstart winery has rapidly found its footing in the market, claiming its place alongside the most famous names in the industry. For those investors willing to look beyond Bordeaux’s traditional top estates, Liber Pater is one of the most exciting producers on the market thanks to the exclusivity, authenticity, and pure passion which lie behind the label.

Oeno is the exclusive U.K. representative for Liber Pater wines. For further information about acquiring an allocation of Liber Pater, please speak to your account manager or contact us at

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