London’s finest wine bars


Daniel Eros Carnio, the founder and director of Oenofuture, picks out his favourite wine bars and shops in London.

Although the streets of London are full of bars and pubs, finding an amazing wine bar or wine shop with great service and a fantastic selection of wine isn’t easy.

The concept of the Italian enoteca has been on the rise in the capital for a very long time now. Today there are a number of outstanding establishments which specialise in serving fine wine from all over the world both to take away or drink in and offering premium charcuterie and cheeses from small artisanal producers to complement the wines and amaze the palates of their guests.

The cornerstone of these businesses is the knowledge and professionalism of the staff who can lead the consumer on a tour of some of the world’s most celebrated and more unusual corners. London’s finest wine bars and shops offer everything from Georgian wines to Chinese ones, as well as iconic wines from legendary producers in France, Italy and Spain. These establishments inspire and help their guests to delve deep into the fascinating world of wine.

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