OenoGroup Breaks New Grounds to Support Charities with Pièce des Présidents Acquisition at the 161st Hospices de Beaune Auction

Photo Credit: Michel Joly

At the Hospices de Beaune Auction this year, OenoGroup had the honour to acquire the most eminent lot, the Pièce des Présidents, at a record €800,000, contributing towards the fight against female violence and breast cancer. A momentous purchase demonstrating Oeno’s dedication in not only acquiring the rarest and finest wines, but also in the most ethical manner.

An annual tradition since 1859, the Hospices de Beaune Auction is one of the most esteemed charity wine auctions in the world. Each year it supports a charity by donating the profits from the sale of the one-of-the-kind Pièce de Charité, also known as Pièce des Présidents. Acquiring the wine at €800,000, OenoGroup established a new record hammer price for the barrel, eclipsing the previous highest €660,000 in 2020. Profits this year will be contributed to the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes to fight against violence towards women, and the Institut Curie, to aid medical research against breast cancer.

The auction was a truly sensational occasion. Representatives of the two designated organisations and patrons of this year’s sale, French actress and film director Jean Balibar and French actor Pio Marmaï took the stage and brought the auction to unprecedented heights of excitement. The bidding process was not short of applause as the figure rose ever higher. Together with the sale of the Pièce des Présidents, the auction raised a grand total of €13.5 million, far surpassing the pre-sale estimate of €5.2–7.8 million.Beyond humbled to be part of a pivotal moment in the history of charity wine auctioning, OenoGroup is looking forward to continue creating a positive impact through its work. 

The chosen barrel this year was a unique cuvée from the finest parcel on the hill of Corton in the geographic heart of Burgundy, the Corton Renardes vineyard. In creating this extraordinary barrel, winemaker of Domaine des Hospices de Beaune Ludivine Grivea worked with François Frères, one of the most important barrel makers in Burgundy based in Saint-Romain. This unique Cuvée has been vinified and maturing in an exceptional barrel named “Vision”, a technologically advanced barrel created exclusively for the production of this historical wine, and which underwent an exhaustive selection process.

“OenoGroup realised instantly the importance on bidding on the 161st Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction Charity Barrel. Making a positive impact in the world with the support to Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes and Institut Curie is a thrilling moment of true hope and reinforced optimism into the way the Hospices de Beaune and the wider wine community can shape a better future for our children.” Said Effi Tsournava DipWSET, Head of Marketing at OenoGroup

‘Leading a fine wine boutique entirely run by a female team, I am very proud to see the extraordinary milestones achieved by the fine wine industry every day. I hold both organisations close to my heart, and so it’s a genuine honour to witness this historical moment.’ commented Luisa Martinello, General Manager of OenoHouse.

“Oeno is proud to support the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes, to fight violence against women, and Institute Curie, for medical research against breast cancer. The culture I have been promoting within Oeno is one of diversity and equality and we are big believers that we should be buying fine wine of utmost quality in the most ethical way.” Commented Michael Doerr, Managing Director at OenoGroup, “Bidding on the Pièce de Charité/Pièce des Présidents from the prestigious Corton Renardes vineyard adheres to our company’s core values and we are looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of more people in the years to come. I would like to thank Hospices de Beaune for raising a grand total of €13.5 Million for charity, as well as Jeanne Balibar and Pio Marmai who represented the two organisations supported by the sale of this historical single-barrel.”

Justin Knock MW, OenoGroup’s Director of Wine also expressed that “The Pièce des Présidents revealed itself to us as something we must support, and it was obvious that we would bid on this treasure. With this acquisition we celebrate the diversity of the wine world. From the vineyard manager, winemaker, barrel manufacturer, to the auction house and ourselves, every participation is a true testament to the industry’s dedication to support diversity and equality, and to provide wines of the highest quality and ethics. Domestic violence and cancer are silent foes we should not tolerate, so we are delighted to support better outcomes for women, the people of Burgundy and the collectors whose love of this wine will continue to improve the well-being of people long into the future.”

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