Rare Library Stock of Gagliardo Barolo Riservas Now Available


Italian wine has continued to perform well on the fine wine market with a consistently expanding trade share over the last quarter. According to Liv-Ex, four of the top five performing wines in Q1 were Italian and the Italy 100 index was also the top performer over the same time period. This is a trend that looks set to continue in coming months thanks to the postponement of this year’s Bordeaux En-Primeur campaign which is expected to further diminish the French region’s market share.

Oeno has recently secured exclusive rare library stock from one of Barolo’s top producers, the Gagliardo family, who have 30 hectares of vineyards in top crus like Lazzarito, Castelletto, Monvigliero, Mosconi and Fossati. These unique collections include wines which are impossible to get hold of in the U.K. and which have a very long life ahead of them.

“Having access to the library stock of a great producer like Gagliardo is a very difficult thing. When it is possible to buy a complete vertical collection, it is extremely rare to find bottles in such perfect condition direct from the winery”, explains Daniel Carnio, OenoGroup CEO and Co-Founder. “In terms of investment opportunity, the chance to buy a vertical collection kept in optimum conditions demands a premium and higher percentage increase on exit.”

Our first library stock release is a vertical of Barolo Riserva Serre spanning the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 vintages. The collection comprises a case of each of these vintages, providing a snapshot of some of the finest Barolo vintages in recent years.

Also available are small quantities of magnums of the Barolo Riserva Serre and the estate’s iconic Barolo Riserva Preve. Just 120 magnums were produced each year for the Preve, with just a dozen or so estimated to still be in existence today. Magnums have the advantage of maturing more slowly than standard 750ml bottles, which makes this an ideal investment for the longer-term.

Barolo’s reverred Cannubi vineyard

Finally, Oeno has also been able to secure a limited number of mature vintages of Barolo Riserva Cannubi. Widely considered Barolo’s finest cru, the small hill of Cannubi is said to be the place where Barolo was born. The oldest surviving bottle of the Italian wine bears the label “Cannubi 1752”, predating the emergence of Barolo itself.

This wine is particularly rare since it is no longer produced by the Gagliardo family and just a handful of bottles remain in their cellars from the 3000 or so produced during the best vintages. The Oeno Cannubi collection includes wines from the 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 vintages.

For further information and to reserve your allocation, please contact your account manager or the Oeno team at info@oenofuture.com.

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