The collaborative venture between Oeno and Stowloch now offers Collectors a fixed-rate return opportunity that is unparalleled.

11 years Hold = 8.13% per annum with an overall ROI of (89.47%)

8 years Hold = 6.58% per annum with an overall ROI of (52.63%)

6 years Hold = 4.39% per annum with an overall ROI of (26.32%)

This offer gives you the comfort of a fixed return on a fixed date.

All casks will be fully insured at market value and stored with no added cost at the Stowloch distillery.


Mark Sutherland
Stone Ledge Spirits Company

Stone Ledge Spirits Company and Stowloch “Ozark Highlands” Whiskey are thrilled to work with OENO as their exclusive cask supplier to connoisseurs of fine whiskey around the world. As one of only two distilleries in the world producing Ozark Highlands whiskey, built on a 200-year history of distilling in the heart of the USA, we are thrilled that our whiskey is building a following across the globe.

We strive for perfection in everything we do, hence why Oeno was the perfect fit for us when selecting a partner, their innovative approach to this market is exactly what sets them apart from the rest and we can’t wait for the wonderful future that awaits.

STOWLOCH™ is "Holy Water"

STOW (noun) – Anglo-Saxon word for “holy place”
LOCH (noun) – Gaelic word for “lake”

Inspired by the art of traditional distilling and the beauty of America's Ozark Highlands, Stowloch™ Whiskey is distilled using natural Ozark Highlands water, long fermentation, aged a minimum of 4 years in Missouri Oak barrels.

The Whiskey.

Stowloch™ is aged a minimum of four years in Missouri-manufactured barrels. The source water for this amazing whiskey is deep within America’s Ozark Highlands, purified by the limestone that makes the Ozark Highlands one of only nine true highland regions in the world.

The mash build and long fermentation gives Stowloch Whiskey a hint of sweet and a smooth finish.

Stowloch™ is made using an imported recipe brought to the Americas by our distiller’s family in 1761. We use only heirloom, non-GMO grain and long fermentation to give this Ozark Highlands whiskey a pre-prohibition style that is sure to satisfy any palate. Since we use no rye in our mash, you will find a hint of sweet in every sip.

This sustainable, all-natural whiskey captures the essence of the 200-year history of Ozark Highlands distilling, and is sure to become one of your favorite drams.

Our Distillation Process.

The Stowloch™ distillation process uses a unique, all-natural, sustainable Missouri-centric production system. Built upon the historic alembic Armagnacais process, and combined with the 200-year history of distillation in the Ozark Highlands and stills manufactured from forged Missouri copper, Stowloch™ is a true high-end spirit embracing the best of historic and sustainable best practices.

The custom stills allow for greater control, flavor depth and consistent profiles. And the entire process is chemical-free (unlike much of the industry), relying on longer fermentation and other elements of the distillation process. This all enables us to give Stowloch™ its smooth finish that is hard to find in a 100-proof whiskey, and one that makes the final product one that is sure to become one of your favorites.

Additionally, sustainability is a core part of our business. We embrace sustainable practices such as recycled bottles, recycled waster and environmental responsibility. We also believe in the land where Stowloch™ is produced – The Ozark Highlands.

America’s Ozark Highlands is a true highland region, recognized and named by the US Government more than 200 years ago, with hundreds of years of distilling history. The limestone that covers the Ozark Highlands is a natural mineral that has been used for thousands of years to purify water and filters out elements such as iron, making the natural water of the region more like a sweet-tasting mineral water.

Once Stowloch™ is produced, we age it in Missouri-made White Oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years before serving it to you. In fact, we don’t debarrel Stowloch™ until we are about ready to ship, making sure it continues to age until you are ready to drink it.

The combination of the unique Ozark Highlands, our amazing water, our commitment to sustainability and a chemical-free process, ensures that every glass of Stowloch™ is indeed “holy water.”

so what is American whiskey?


Ozark Highlands whiskey requires certain geographic and quality standards, along with a certification process before it can be called Ozark Highlands Whiskey. The mash build can be varied, but core requirements geographic along with a chemical free process, all-natural limestone filtered water, an age requirement of 4 years, and the use of Missouri-made barrels. Similar to Scotch, Ozark Highlands whiskey allows the reuse of barrels.

Most American Oak barrels in the world are actually Missouri Oak barrels, giving Missouri a key position in the American Whiskey industry.


A decade ago, there was 19 distilleries in Kentucky all ruled by bourbon giants such as Jim Beam and Heaven Hill, and in 2000 there were only 7 distilleries in Missouri. In 2022 there were more than 90 distilleries in Kentucky which represents a 373% increase, and 50 distilleries in Missouri representing a 614% increase. And there are more than 30 distilleries in Tennessee. And most American Oak barrels used worldwide are Missouri Oak barrels.


Every barrel of whiskey increases in value each year it is aged, in an industry that is expected to grow globally from $1.47 trillion in 2019 to $1.75 trillion by 2024.




A Sotheby’s auction in 2022 of Rare American whiskey has become the most valuable sale of its kind in history, with hundreds of lots making a total of $1.63 million – double its pre-sale estimate.

Unlike Whisky, the maturation period for American whiskey, is considerably less (4 – 12 yrs.) 

Some distilleries will potentially offer buy backs after 4- 5 years, maybe less due, to the demand and eventual shortage of liquid. They will look to bottle themselves. 

A strong market means collecting American whiskey barrels has a low level of risk, and is a source of passive income in that the barrels won’t require upkeep after the initial purchase and can provide income when sold in the future.

Sotheby’s in New York 2022

Bottle of 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon sold for 17 times the pre-sale estimate – $52,500

Bottle of Michter’s Single Barrel Bourbon 20-year-old sold for almost 7 times the pre-sale estimate – $27,500

Willet Family Estate Single Barrel Bourbon 10-year-old sold for 15 times the pre-sale estimate – $17,500

Lenell’s Red Hook Rye 24 Years Old Barrel #4, sold for – $43,750. From the auction nearly 60% were new to Sotheby’s, 77% were in their 40’s or younger and 42% were in their 30’s or younger.



The art of distilling Ozark Highlands spirits in the region has been a part of the culture and the economy for more than 200 years, since the first European settlers arrived in the region in the 1700s and early 1800s. Early settlers were pioneers who came west from the Southern Appalachians, descending from English and Scots-Irish immigrants, and were followed in the 1840s and 1850s by Irish and German immigrants.

In fact, an expedition by the US Topographical Engineers in 1819 first gave us the name – the Ozark Highlands – when they applied the name Ozark to the highlands of Missouri and Arkansas. Today, the Ozark Highlands remains the official name used by the U.S. Geological Survey, the USDA, and the U.S. EPA to refer to the region.

The Ozark Highlands spirits made in the region went by various names including Moonshine (made at night), White Lightning (made during the day) and White Mule (made so remotely that a mule was needed to haul it out).

After World War I ended and Prohibition took effect, distilling actually increased across the region. This was done in secret and supplied the rural communities with alcohol. In fact, during prohibition it was rare to find a house in the Ozark Highlands that was not producing alcohol.


Since 2000, the distillation industry has seen significant growth. Prior to 2000, there were only 7 distilleries in the Ozark Highlands. Today, Missouri is home to 51 distilleries with 27 of them located in Missouri’s Ozark Highlands.

In 2022, the Missouri Legislature established the Ozark Highlands spirits as a protected class of alcohol in Missouri law. This law in the United States protects the long history of spirit production in the Ozark Highlands and ensures that consumer and rural community interests in the quality and sustainability of this alcohol category are protected long term.

In order to receive certification as an Ozark Highlands spirit, a product must meet the following standards:

Produced, aged and bottled in the Ozark Highlands

Aged in barrels manufactured in Missouri

Uses chemical-free water from the Ozark Highlands

Whiskey must be aged for a minimum of 4 years

Today, the Ozark Highland Distillers Guild promotes all distilleries within the Ozark Highlands, while also supporting the State of Missouri Ozark Highlands certification program.

the offer

53-Gallon Barrel of Stowloch “Ozark Highlands” Whiskey 4 year old

Mash build is 55% corn, 40% honey wheat & 5% malted barley.

All ingredients are food-grade, heirloom seed, non-GMO.

Water is natural, limestone-filtered water tested to confirm the absence of chlorine and fluoride.

All barrels are made in Missouri using Missouri Oak.

$9,500 purchase price per barrel

Buy Back Prices 2024:

Whisky held for 6 year (10 year old) US $12,000

Whisky held for 8 year (12 year old) US $14,500

Whisky held for 11 year (15 year old) US $18,000

53-Gallon Barrel of New Make Stowloch “Ozark Highlands” Whiskey

Mash build is 55% corn, 40% honey wheat & 5% malted barley.

All ingredients are food-grade, heirloom seed, non-GMO.

Water is natural, limestone-filtered water tested to confirm the absence of chlorine and fluoride.

All barrels are made in Missouri using Missouri Oak.

$6,000 purchase price per barrel

Buy Back Prices 2024:

10-year buy back price is US $11,000

8-year buy back price is US $9,000

5-year buy back price is US $7,500 

To find out more about our incredible whiskey, please leave your details and one of our experts will get in touch.

Any guaranteed buyback is offered solely by Stone Ledge Spirits Company LLC. Any individuals who are considering collecting should seek independent legal advice. Collections are liable to rise as well as fall.