What do we do differently in Oeno group?

What do we do differently in Oeno group?
Over the past few decades, fine wine has exploded in the alternative investment sphere, making it an attractive addition to many investors’ portfolios.

Over the past few decades, fine wine has exploded in the alternative investment sphere, making it an attractive addition to many investors’ portfolios. With fears of an impending recession looming, savvy investors have jumped into this asset-backed investment with two feet as an intelligent way to diversify their portfolio away from more volatile assets.

As a leading innovator in the fine wine investment arena, Oeno Group proudly offers a personalised advisory service for both newcomers and accomplished wine and whisky collectors. Our vision is to make fine wine and whisky investment accessible to a vast pool of investors, regardless of their industry knowledge. We are proud to have recruited a Master of Wine to head ourwine team, along with two other talented Masters of Wines as our Ambassadors .in Italy and Spain. We also regularly consult internationally renowned Masters of wins who specialise in anti-fraud.

Michael Doerr, Oeno Group’s founder and CEO, received the Wine Investment CEO of the Year Award by Investor Magazine in 2022 and is one of Spear’s 500’s top recommended Wine Advisors. Oeno was recently awarded Best Global Wine Investment Firm for the second year running.

With our truly unique combination of wine and whisky buying, investing and education, we’d like to highlight a few things we do differently here at Oeno.

Unrivalled expertise

As an innovative and fine wine company, OenoGroup takes pride in its impressive wine collection from all corners of the world. Instead of focusing solely on the wines of Bordeaux – a region that has historically been the bedrock of the fine wine market – we draw on our expertise in Champagne, Burgundy, Italy and Spain along with California and Australia to expand the market of investment-grade wine. Unlike many wine companies in the UK, Oeno also brings together a unique team of impeccably credentialled, multicultural wine experts from Italy, Greece, Australia and South Africa.

With only 420 Masters of Wine in the world, making them rarer than astronauts, Oeno is beyond delighted to have one Master of Wine in our team. Almunena Alberca MW, the first female Master of Wine from Spain.

We work with only the best producers

Unlike other wine investment companies, we look into diversified and flexible ways of sourcing our wines. We work with some of the world’s most respected and well-established producers, specialising in exceptional wines from Italy, Spain and the Americas, which have demonstrated significant potential for growth.

For fine wine to be categorised as “investment grade,” it must be of the highest quality, made by the most Quality is determined by brand recognition, resale value, heritage, critical acclaim and ageability.

At Oeno Group, our highly qualified team of experts give masterful advice to help personalise clients’ portfolios with blue chip labels and the rising stars of tomorrow while also informing of the optimal opportunities to sell.

We provide an excellent ageing service

As with any collectable asset, the provenance of fine wine, coupled with impeccable storage, is key to its value. Oeno Group is proud to offer an excellent ageing service to producers, sommeliers, and investors.

Fine wines must be nurtured and stored in optimum conditions to develop and evolve to their full potential. Wine bottles should be stored lying down so that the wine keeps the cork nice and moist to ensure it doesn’t dry out, allowing more oxygen to penetrate the liquid that would otherwise lead to oxidation faults. When the wine has reached its optimal drinking window, we release it to the market, ready for consumption.

Oeno Group handles the responsibility and cost of ageing the wine in our carefully controlled storage unit – London City Bond (LCB). Our clients can then benefit from a tidy profit when we sell their wine on-trade. This way, the sommeliers can always expect wines that are in their perfect drinking window and the final consumer enjoys the wine at its perfect maturity, also offering a great service to our producers.

Another unique perk we offer our producers is an efficient brand-building service. Where many investment-grade wines face the challenge of being collected and stored in dark cellars, Oeno Group aims to see our wines in prestigious restaurants and hotels, opened and enjoyed by thirsty consumers.

Rigorous anti-fraud checks

As the demand for rare bottles of wine and whisky rises, so does the number of counterfeit bottles in the market. The world’s leading experts on wine fraud say that there are currently around $4bn worth of counterfeit wine worldwide.

Oeno Group is one of the only fine wine investment firms to offer a rigorous assessment process to protect our investors and collectors from the increasing number of counterfeit bottles circling the market today.

Oeno’s first in-house anti-fraud unit works tirelessly to mitigate risk by implementing a comprehensive assessment process using techniques employed by leading fraud experts across the globe. Glass, capsule, cork and labels are checked against a database using state-of-the-art electron microscopes and professional-grade UV lights.

Following this rigorous assessment process, bottles issued with the Oeno Group certification are stamped with a unique label to prove authenticity. Clients are sent a certificate of authenticity as proof that their bottles are genuine. We are meticulous in our approach to protecting clients’ portfolios, so they can feel reassured that they’re in safe hands.

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