Chocolate Orange
OLD Fashioned

If you don't fancy your Whiskey neat, how about this Terry's Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned?

The Old Fashioned, a timeless classic and the oldest documented cocktail, boasts a simple yet sophisticated blend of just three ingredients. Its recent resurgence in popularity has sparked a wave of creative reinterpretations, including this intriguing twist: the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned. Combining the rich notes of whiskey and bitters with the zesty sweetness of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this innovative take on the beloved classic is sure to delight. 

Cheers to the original – and its delicious evolution! 


Cocktail beaker



Cocktail spoon


2 oz Stowloch Whiskey 

1 sugar raw, cube

Angostura Bitters

Orange Bitters

Chocolate Bitters

1 cup Ice Cubes

Orange Peel Freshly-peeled

1 Ice Sphere or large ice cube


In a cocktail beaker or shaker bottom, add one raw sugar cube and equal amount of water.

With your muddler, crush the sugar cube into the water (to basically make simple syrup)

Shake in 2 shakes of angostura bitters. 2 shakes orange bitters. 2 shakes chocolate bitters.

Add 2 oz Stowloch whiskey. Toss in some ice (8-10 cubes).

Stir with bar spoon for 20-30 seconds until all sugar is fully dissolved and some light condensation collects on the beaker, cool to the touch.

Strain into Old Fashioned glass, add ice, squeeze-in oils from orange peel and garnish glass once complete.


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