How to invest in whisky and fine wine — FAQs and other wine and whisky investment tips

Oeno Group invites you to step into the world of wine and whisky investment, a market that holds a story of heritage and financial growth. Whether you’re chasing the promise of healthy wine investment returns or indulging in the allure of whisky investment, Oeno Group is your trusted guide. 


Explore our FAQs to learn more about the wine and whisky investment market, and get in touch with us today to begin your investment journey. 


The entry point for investing in wine can vary, but one wine investment tip is to kickstart your investment journey with a few thousand dollars. This initial investment allows you to purchase a selection of promising and vintage bottles, laying the groundwork for a diversified portfolio. 

In Australia, you can invest in wine through Oeno Group. We offer personalised investment strategies tailored to your goals and curate a portfolio of premium Australian and international wines, ensuring your investment is diversified and aligned with market opportunities. 

We welcome clients from all investment backgrounds and budgets and currently service more than 2,500 clients, generating an average return of 15.35% in 2022. 

Yes. Your whisky and/or wine investment portfolio with Oeno Group is unique to your personal preferences and investment goals. By working with your assigned wine and whisky investment expert, they will select a bespoke collection of wine and/or whisky based on your requirements from various regions, distilleries, vineyards and vintage years to diversify your portfolio. 

Even once your collection is in your possession or stored securely at our facility, Oneo Group continues to inform clients of future investment opportunities, whether that involves expanding or selling your collection. 

By tailoring your investments to balance collecting those with significant growth potential and pieces you’re passionate about, Oeno Group ensures you harness the enjoyment of wine and whisky investment and optimises financial return.

Oeno Group offers a unique approach to fine wine and whisky investment, combining traditional expertise with innovative market strategies. Aside from advising clients on how to invest in whisky and wine, we offer regular tasting events, allowing our community of investors to expand their understanding of their portfolio. 

We’re proud of our commitment to exclusivity, and our pioneering investment models cater to novice and seasoned investors, ensuring optimal portfolio performance and consistent access to rare and profitable opportunities. 

When investing in fine wines, it’s important to consider where the wine was produced, its rarity and the vineyard’s or producer’s reputation. The vintage’s quality and its ageing potential are also crucial. However, as fine wines are a long-standing asset with global influence, investors must also consider market demand and the previous performance of similar vintages when building their portfolio. 

Additionally, storage conditions and insurance play significant roles in decision-making, as they preserve and safeguard the wine’s value. 

At Oeno Group, we take your wine investment portfolio seriously and prioritise the impeccable storage and security of your wine investments. Partnering with London City Bond (LCB), a leader in bonded warehousing since 1870, we ensure your wines are stored in optimal conditions in the UK, the heart of the global secondary wine market. LCB’s fine wine warehouse is designed with metre-thick walls and advanced climate control, maintaining an average temperature of 13°C and 60-65% humidity, minimising light and movement exposure. This careful handling preserves the wine’s value by maintaining its provenance and condition. 

Oeno Group also offers comprehensive insurance coverage through a specialist insurer, protecting your investment at its full market value against breakage, theft and even superficial packaging damage. This ensures that your collection is safeguarded, giving you peace of mind and independence over your investment while we manage the crucial details of insurance and storage.

Whisky stands out as an investment due to its tangible asset nature, offering pleasure alongside potential financial gain. Many seasoned investors appreciate that they can see, touch and enjoy their investment, compared to traditional assets like stocks and bonds. 

Whisky investment allows for simple and effective portfolio diversification, reducing overall risk and providing an alternative to more volatile financial markets, providing greater peace of mind to investors. The spirit is also known to historically demonstrate resilience against economic downturns, often appreciating over time, while the limited supply of rare editions and growing global demand enhance its investment appeal. 

Absolutely. While Oeno Group initially began solely as a wine investment portfolio platform, we’ve since leveraged our deep market insights and network to expand into the whisky investment industry. We’re proud to specialise in curating diversified whisky investment portfolios tailored to the goals and risk profiles of our clients. 

Our expertise encompasses selecting whiskies across various regions, distilleries and age statements, including rare and limited editions known for their potential to appreciate. We also keep clients informed of their collection’s performance, advising on when to sell and identifying opportunities for further investment. 

The value of a whisky investment over time is influenced by a range of factors, some relating to the bottle itself and others pertaining to the market. For instance, rarity, age, distillery reputation, status as a limited edition or release, awards received and reviews by experts in the industry can all contribute to a bottle’s value.

Market demand, particularly in emerging markets, also plays a crucial role. In addition, many collectors and investors value the whisky’s origin and authenticity, making well-documented histories of ownership and storage conditions vital for appreciating whisky investments.