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Fine wine and whisky have long been a cherished pleasure in many households. And only more recently, investors and collectors have realised the true potential of these assets. Fine wine and whisky have seen exceptional growth over the last few years. Barclays Wealth and Investment Management note that 33% of high-net-worth individuals include fine wine in their portfolio, dedicating approximately 2% of their wealth to these endeavours.


Recognising the impressive and persistent track record of these assets, Oeno Group was born in 2015. Our mission, originally, was to curate bespoke and prestigious wine collections to ensure nature’s best was accessible to all. While initially understood as a fine wine investment company, we are proud to have expanded into the whisky market, guiding clients through the exciting and promising world of premium and wine investment.


As a premier wine and whisky investment company in Australia, our dedicated team knows a thing or two about these esteemed assets. Oeno Group takes great pride in educating our clients on the benefits of wine and whisky investment, combining our passion for the tipple with data-rich market insights.

Why invest in premium wine and whisky?

Investing in fine wine and premium whisky has transcended beyond mere passion for connoisseurs to a sophisticated investment strategy. This transformation is attributed to the unique characteristics of wine and whisky as tangible assets — they appreciate over time, are finite in quantity and are highly sought after across the globe.

Tangible assets with inherent value

Unlike stocks and bonds, wine and whisky are tangible assets you can see, touch and enjoy. Their value doesn’t solely depend on market trends but on intrinsic factors such as age, rarity, brand reputation and quality.

Minimal correlation with traditional markets

Even during times of economic downturn, the value of fine wine and premium whisky has shown resilience, often appreciating while other investments may falter. This makes them an excellent option for portfolio diversification, helping to spread risk and potentially stabilise returns.


A simple principle drives the wine and whisky market. As bottles are consumed, the remaining ones become rarer and more desirable. When paired with growing global demand, especially from emerging markets, the potential for significant appreciation is substantial.

Enjoyment and prestige

Beyond monetary value, investing in wine and whisky offers a sense of enjoyment and prestige. With 65 wine regions across the country, collectors take pride in working with investment companies to own rare and esteemed bottles, and for some, this personal value is just as important as the investment return.

Explore the rewards and complexities of Australia’s most up-and-coming market

Australia is the fifth largest wine exporter in the world. Imagine the return investors could experience by utilising the movement of a humble bottle of red. Gain ample market exposure, safeguard yourself against economic uncertainty and explore a world that knows no bounds in taste and creativity — investing in luxury can potentially deliver quality returns. 

Investing in fine wine and premium whisky is not without its complexities. Market knowledge, understanding the ageing process and awareness of global demand shifts are crucial. Understanding the factors that drive value in wine and whisky, from production methods to regional variations, can inform smarter investment decisions. 

It’s also worth noting that wine and whisky investments typically require a long-term outlook. The most significant returns are often realised over many years as rarity and desirability increase. Diversification is also essential. Investing in various wines and whiskies from different regions, producers and vintages can help mitigate risk and maximise potential returns.

Our Returns

Between 2019 and 2022, we’ve helped our clients achieve incredible returns from their wine and whisky investments. 









The ICONIC Champagne Brand BEST Illustrates the FINE WINE Collection Cycle

Our Awards

Oeno Group is proud to be a trailblazer within the wine and whisky investment industry, and our commitment to providing unwavering quality and customer service has seen us as the recipient of numerous accolades, from the 2023 Investor Awards to Lux Life.

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Great time meeting and drinking some very nice wine with your experts. Really fun to sit and discuss the long term appreciation of different wines and whisky.



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I had such a good day when I recently visited OenoHouse with some of my pals. It was a really enjoyable experience which involved us tasting some great wine! We will definitely be going back there when we are all next free again!



Meet my portfolio manager

It was my chance to meet my portfolio manager Sid, and he answered all my questions, making me feel more conforfortable about progressing with it. Although it rained at OENO house, it was a good and relaxing atmosphere.



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